Elephants, Poaching

African Elephant Killed for Tusks

African elephants are hunted for their expensive tusks, people in the past started hunting elephants to make them in to ivory objects. People protested against this idea and put it to a stop, but people today still sneak around and hunt them. They can fetch a very high price in the market, people patrol the savannah to stop people from killing them. These species of animal’s population are dropping quickly, baby elephant’s parents are poached and killed, it also needs to rely on its mother when it is in a small age. People from corners of the world persuade people to stop buying these ivory objects, people take care of them when they are small and release them back to the wild when they’re adults. We need to stand up, and stop killing elephants. These animals are soon extinct, some species are also incredibly rare too!

Opinion: In my opinion African Elephants are majestic animals and should not be killed for human advantages, we should stand up and stop the world from killing these animals. The disappearance of elephants would make the world change, and affect the food chain.

Check out this video:

Check out this video: