Hunted, Pollution

Leatherback turtles


Leatherback turtles are protected by WFF, they put transmitter on their hard shell and send them off to observe them. These large turtles can lay a number of 80 eggs per time and bury it up. A estimated of 1 out of 1000 can come back to lay their eggs, many leatherbacks eggs are taken to do certain substances. Some of the turtles are being killed in ship accidents, but mostly they are being killed by pollution, their favourite food jellyfish, can be mistaken for a plastic bags.The plastic can kill them. Scientists from all around the globe are protesting for cleaner habitats, and put transmitters on and track them on their journey. These magnificent species of turtles are disappearing quickly, prevent people from killing them.

Opinion: Leatherback turtles are a specimens of turtles, these turtles are disappearing quickly. It is because the seas that they live in is polluted by rubbish, chemicals and human waste. The amount of turtles hatched is actually a lot, but there are also predators that eat them, loss of food……Eventually, the turtles will disappear from this world. We need to be considerate and clean up after our selves and take good care of nature.