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Humpback Whales Killed for Delicacy


Humpback whales are killed for delicacy around the world, they are served in the most famous restaurants around the world. The rate and popullaton of  whales are going down quickly. Scientists and groups of people tried to stop people from poaching them down, but they don’t seem to care abut the number of whales and continue killing them. People from all around the globe are trying to stop them and protest against these situations, finally, states and nations started to ban killing whales. In 1996 people hunted whales to a population of only 10% left. Scientists tried to protect and continue breeding the species and prevent them from being extinct, but today the seas are full of ships. The honking of the ships confuse the humpback whale from communicating to each other, there are also accidents that kill them, loss of food, and hunting them.

Opinion: I think that we should stop killing them before it is to late, these majestic whales are very rare now a days. Our ancestors has been hunting them until this day, stand up against killing whales! We need to act fast and protect them, so one day the ocean will be filled with them again.

Check out this video:

A dead Humpback Whale washed up near Big Sur, ...

A dead Humpback Whale washed up near Big Sur, California. Cause of death is unknown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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